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9700 Rotary Shaft Seals

The 9700 split seal is machined out of stainless steel and all internal parts meet USDA standards for indirect food contact. This split seal is recommended for all other industries such as food and cheese processing, spices and flavorings, pharmaceutical, and chemical that require stainless steel due to caustic wash downs and sanitary requirements. All seal parts are designed split to make installation and conversions on mixing equipment a cinch.

Many large mixers, blenders and dryers can be easily converted from mechanical packing to the 9700 seal. Because of its design, we can provide this seal at a very economic price range for a quick return on investment.

  • It can be easily disassembled for batch or weekly cleaning.
  • Low cost rebuild kits for sanitation requirements.
  • The all metal design gives many years of reliable and continuous service.

Purge Options

All CinchSeals should be purged with either plant air, nitrogen, or silicone grease. For best results, each seal should have an individual air regulator and not share. Air purging the seal creates a higher pressure inside the seal cavity which creates an air barrier that helps keep material inside the tank.

Available Accessories

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