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OFCT Split Aluminum Shaft Seal

It's a Cinch to seal leaks!

The OFCT fully split CinchSeal is an air purged rotary shaft seal that is suitable for food applications and is ideal for mixers that process dry and slurry mixes where frequent product changes and washdowns are required. The split design enables trouble free cleaning and sanitizing between batches, and allows for easy installation directly on the shaft without the removal of existing equipment.

  • Eliminates chronic leaks and product loss
  • Does not damage rotating shafts
  • Reduces maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime
  • Accepts shaft runout and thermal growth
  • Designed to accept repair kit
  • Conforms to existing bolt patterns
  • Housing constructed out of Anodized Aluminum
  • Seals toxic vapors


How the OFCT - Split Shaft Seal Works

The key component of the OFCT split seal is the unique and one of a kind elastomer. The elastomer is molded slightly smaller than the shaft so that an interference fit is achieved. It is this interference fit that not only seals and protects the shaft, but also forces the seal components to turn with the rotating shaft and drive or turn the rotating faces. The chance of shaft damage is totally eliminated since the seal is turning with the shaft. As the elastomer and rotor cups turn with the shaft, they are being compressed with the optimum amount of face pressure against a stationary face; thereby creating the primary seal that stops product from leaking out. The mineral filled PTFE rotor cups are designed to be the wearable or sacrificial part of the seal, and are the component that is replaced when a repair kit is needed. The seal is designed to give customers 2 years of seal life before a rebuild kit is needed. The repair kit, which is very easy to install, consists of two new PTFE split rotor cups and a new split elastomer. The OFCT is designed to be purged with air that is set 5 to 8 PSI over vessel pressure. The air purge extends seal life by keeping rotating seal faces cool and free of material. The OFCT split seal is easy to take apart, clean, and re-assemble for cleanings or maintenance.



The CinchSeal OFCT is proven effective in sealing ribbon blenders and paddle mixers used in processing dry powder, semi-solid and slurry applications. Among the particularly challenging materials we have been successful in sealing are: cement, spices, cocoa powder, liquid chocolate, plastics and resins, salt, sugar, etc.

Seal Material & Purge Options

Materials available are anodized clear coat Aluminum. All internal seal parts are constructed with FDA approved materials. Purge with air, nitrogen or silicone grease. Purging seal with air will add to the life of the seal before repair kit is needed.

Available Accessories


The CinchSeal OFCT should not be installed on severely worn equipment. Damaged shafts or excessive float or misalignment should be corrected prior to installation. The seal must be mounted square to the shaft. Please refer to installation guide when mounting your seal. Please call if help is needed.
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OFCT – Split Shaft Seal Diagram

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* Larger Sizes Available on Request
** Available Fully Split for Ease of Installation

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